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What is Robotech:

In 1985, a Japanese animation by the name of Robotech was released. Around this time, such shows as Voltron and Transformers were very popular. Robotech took a step beyond those shows by getting rid of the "pokemon" effect; where there is the very same villian, battling the same heroes. There was finally a full story, people being killed, different villians taking the stage at different times, with different heroes.

Robotech is actually the composite of three different stories pulled together by Carl Macek. The first set of episodes was originally from the Macross series. The second and third stories were completely unrelated to Macross in all ways. Carl, through his genius, was able to bring them all together into the series that we know as Robotech.

Robotech's Story:

Part 1: The Macross Saga

In 1999, the world was at war. The world was on the brink of annilation. Out of deep space, a large fortress arrived on earth. It destroyed many things, including cities. It crashed in the Pacific on Macross Island. Here, the surviving world populus had a combined effort to resurrect the space fortress. 10 years later, they had restored the Super Dimensional Fortress 1 (SDF-1 for short). The fortress had not left deep space unnoticed. For years, a warrior race known as the Zentradi had searched for the SDF-1. Now they had found it on earth and they wanted it back.

Enter Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, and Lynn Minmei and their love triangle. So is this story really about life and death human vs alien struggle or chicks fighting over a man? Watch it and decide..


Part 2: Southern Cross

Rick Hunter and Lisa Hunter (yes they got married in the Sentenels), leave and go off to find the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. Little did they know, the masters had their own plan and decided to come visit the Earth instead.

Enter Dana Sterling and her band of rag tag soldiers who have to defeat the Bioroids. But here comes Zor, the producer of the Protoculture. Yes.. thats right.. another love story!


Part 3: The Next Generation

You'd think they would have picked a better name! I tell ya!

Now everyone from the previous two parts are OLD. The invid have taken over the Earth and now enter some rebels who work together to move towards Reflex Point to try to defeat the queen of the Invid and send her ass packing. However, Marlene enters the picture and the mushy stuff gets going again. However, this series rocks and is amoung my favorate. There is just so much adventure and change of scenery.

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